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RC350 Appendix

RC350 Appendix.pdf

RC350 Flyaway Companion cut sheet

RC350 Flyaway Companion cut sheet.pdf

ACU Finder App

This program will help find any RCI antenna controller on the local LAN by using broadcast pings.ACU Finder

RC2500 MIB

Management Information Base for RC2500 Antenna Controllers RC2500.MIB

RC3000 MIB

Management Information Base for RC3000 Antenna Controllers RC3000.MIB

RC1500 MIB

Management Information Base for RC1500 Antenna Controllers RC1500.MIB

RC2000 MIBs

Management Information Base for RC2000 Antenna Controllers RC2000A.MIB RC2000C.MIB RC2000X.MIB

RC4000 Integrated DVB-S2 Receiver

Write up of the features of the RC4000 Integrated DVB-S2 Receiver.RC4000DVB Cutsheet

Syncro Mount Clamps

Syncro Mount Clamps.pdf

Synchro-Brushless Resolver

Synchro-Brushless Resolver.pdf