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RC4000 Integrated Spectrum Analyzer Appendix

RC4000 Integrated Spectrum Analyzer Operational Appendix.RC4000_app_SBS

RC4000 Remote Protocol Appendices

Version 0.05 SoftwareRC4000_app_REM_0.05 Version 0.06 SoftwareRC4000_app_REM_0.06 Version 1.xx SoftwareRC4000_app_REM_1.00 Version 2.xx SoftwareRC4000_app_REM_2.00 Version 3.xx SoftwareRC4000_app_REM_3.00

RC4000 Receiver Option Appendices

DVB Receiver Appendices-DVB-S ReceiverRC4000_app_DVB -DVB-S2 Software Version 1.xx and belowRC4000_app_DVB_S2 -DVB-S2 Software Version 2.xxRC4000_app_DVB_S2_sw-v2 Beacon Tracking Receiver Appendices-Software version 1.xx and belowRC4000_app_BCN -Software version 2.xxRC4000_app_BCN_sw-v2 External Modem Appendices-Open AMIP AppendixRC4000_app_OpenAMIP -Viasat Modem AppendixRC4000_app_VIA

RC4000 IP Based Remote Appendices

Base IP Remote AppendixRC4000_app_IP Enhanced GUI Remote AppendixRC4000_app_GUI

RC4000 Tracking Appendices

Step/Memory Tracking Appendices-Software version 1.xx and belowRC4000_app_TRK -Software version 2.xxRC4000_app_TRK_sw-v2 Two-Line Element Tracking Appendices-Software version 1.xx and belowRC4000_app_TLE -Software version 2.xxRC4000_app_TLE_sw-v2

RC4000 Compass Appendices

3-Axis Compass Operational AppendixRC400_app_TAC Single Axis Compass Operational AppendixRC400_app_SAC Differential GPS Compass Operational AppendixRC400_app_HGPS

RC4000 MIB

Management Information Base for RC4000 Antenna Controllers RC4K-Rev1.MIB RC4K-Rev2.MIB RC4K-Rev3.MIB

UDP Test Program

Sample program for developing IP/UDP based Monitor and Control systems.UDP Test

ACU Finder App

This program will help find any RCI antenna controller on the local LAN by using broadcast pings.ACU Finder

Size 11 Brushless Resolver Sensors

Write up describing the size 11 resolver, that come in 7min and 3.5min accuracy used by RCI controllers.MOOG Part Number: 11-BHW-48F/J040 (no longer in use)AMCI Part Number: R11X-F10/7Size 11 Resolver Cutsheet