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Research Concepts, Inc. Limit Switched Resolver (LSR)

The picture below shows the RCI limit switched size 11 resolver employed by the RC4500 Earth station Satellite Antenna Controllers. The RCI LSR (FP-SA_LSR-A) is a direct replacement for existing ViaSat LSR p/n 455579.

RC4600 Integrated Tracking Receiver

Novella B38 Beacon Tracking Receiver Novella B38 Cutsheet AVCOM SBS2 Beacon Tracking Receiver AVCOM SBS2 Cutsheet

Size 11 Brushless Resolver Sensors

Write up describing the size 11 resolver, that come in 7min and 3.5min accuracy used by RCI controllers.MOOG Part Number: 11-BHW-48F/J040 (no longer in use)AMCI Part Number: R11X-F10/7Size 11 Resolver Cutsheet

RC3000 Flux Gate Compass White Paper

This file gives dimensions, installation instructions, and specifications for the new Flux Gate Compass # FP-RRC3KFG2. RC3000 Flux Gate Compass White Paper.pdf

RC2500 Resolver Mounting Hardware (Datasheet)

This is the datasheet for the Synchro-Brushless Resolver. RC2500 Resolver Mounting Hardware (Datasheet).pdf

RC2500 Resolver Mounting Hardware

This file describes the hardware required and procedures necessary for mounting the RC2500 antenna controller to the resolver. RC2500 Resolver Mounting Hardware.pdf

Handheld Remote Front Panel (HHRFP)

Write up on the features of the Handheld Remote Front Panel.Handheld Remote Front Panel Cutsheet

GPS-8 cut sheet

This file is a 2 page document describing the FP-GPS-8 product. GPS-8 cut sheet.pdf

RC4000 Integrated Tracking Receiver Options

Novella B38 Beacon Tracking ReceiverB38 Cutsheet AVCOM SBS2 Beacon Tracking ReceiverSBS2 Cutsheet

RC4000 Integrated DVB-S2 Receiver

Write up of the features of the RC4000 Integrated DVB-S2 Receiver.RC4000DVB Cutsheet