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Antenna Pointing Solutions Calculator (Windows version)

This zip file contains pointing calculator programs that are similar to the Antenna.exe DOS program found on the diskettes and the web site, though this version is for Windows rather than DOS. Antenna Pointing Solutions Calculator (Windows version).zip


This is a compressed zip file which is encrypted (password protected). To extract the files you must have PKUNZIP (version 2.04 or later). Enter “pkunzip special -s????” at the DOS prompt. ???? is a case sensitive password which must be obtained from Research Concepts. Special.Zip

Antenna Pointing Solution Calculator

This is a satellite antenna pointing solution calculator. The User is prompted to enter the antenna latitude/longitude and the satellite longitude. The program will calculate the true and magnetic azimuth heading and the elevation angle reguired to intercept the satellite. Antenna Pointing Solution Calculator.Zip

International Repair Information

This file describes the steps that need to be taken to meet the Export Administration Regulations regarding shipping products to be repaired. PLEASE NOTE – Failure to follow these procedures may result in additional fees being levied. International Repair Information.pdf

Mount Type Collection Image

This file shows a schematic of the ‘Az/El’, ‘Polar’ and ‘El/Az’ mounts.   Mount Type Collection Image.jpg

RC4500 ACU Calibration Quick Start

This document provides an overview for the steps needed to calibrate the antenna system, supplementary to the RC4500 manual. RC4500 ACU Calibration Quick Start.pdf

GPS-8 cut sheet

This file is a 2 page document describing the FP-GPS-8 product. GPS-8 cut sheet.pdf

Syncro Mount Clamps

Syncro Mount Clamps.pdf

Synchro-Brushless Resolver

Synchro-Brushless Resolver.pdf

Digital Hall Effect Sensor Diagram

Digital Hall Effect Sensor Diagram.pdf