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RC4500-7200 Antenna Controller and ODU

The RC4500-7200 Antenna Controller is a direct replacement for the Vertex/GD 7200 ACU. The RC4500-7200 can interface directly to a 7150 outdoor box, or can be used with an RCI designed outdoor unit. RC4500-7200 cutsheet.pdf


Management Information Base for RC300/350 Satellite Locators RC300-Rev1.MIB

Research Concepts, Inc. Limit Switched Resolver (LSR)

The picture below shows the RCI limit switched size 11 resolver employed by the RC4500 Earth station Satellite Antenna Controllers. The RCI LSR (FP-SA_LSR-A) is a direct replacement for existing ViaSat LSR p/n 455579.

RC4080 Cutsheet

Write up on the features of the RC4080 Antenna Controller.RC4080 Cutsheet

RC4080 Manual

Installation and operating instructions for the RC4080. RC4080 Manual

RC4600 MIB

Management Information Base for RC4600 Antenna Controllers RC4600-Rev3.MIB

RC4500 MIB

Management Information Base for RC4500 Antenna Controllers RC4500-Rev2.MIB RC4500-Rev3.MIB

RC4000 Integrated Spectrum Analyzer Appendix

RC4000 Integrated Spectrum Analyzer Operational Appendix.RC4000_app_SBS

RC4000 Remote Protocol Appendices

Version 0.05 SoftwareRC4000_app_REM_0.05 Version 0.06 SoftwareRC4000_app_REM_0.06 Version 1.xx SoftwareRC4000_app_REM_1.00 Version 2.xx SoftwareRC4000_app_REM_2.00 Version 3.xx SoftwareRC4000_app_REM_3.00

RC4000 Receiver Option Appendices

DVB Receiver Appendices-DVB-S ReceiverRC4000_app_DVB -DVB-S2 Software Version 1.xx and belowRC4000_app_DVB_S2 -DVB-S2 Software Version 2.xxRC4000_app_DVB_S2_sw-v2 Beacon Tracking Receiver Appendices-Software version 1.xx and belowRC4000_app_BCN -Software version 2.xxRC4000_app_BCN_sw-v2 External Modem Appendices-Open AMIP AppendixRC4000_app_OpenAMIP -Viasat Modem AppendixRC4000_app_VIA